Nearly Invisible Installation

"Nearly Invisible Installation" is the term Laferney uses to describe our committment to minimize the impact a roofing project has on the day to day operations of your facility. This helps to prevent unnecessary shut downs and inconvenience to both employees and customers.  The result is saving time, money, and frustration for our clients.  LaFerney understands each situation is unique, and provides individual attention and consideration to meet all feasible unique needs. 


In addition to LaFerney Commercial Roofing's own strict safety policy and OSHA requirements, roofing crews will adhere to customer policies in all areas, including special safety equipment such as steel toe boots, hard hats, safety glasses, fences, or barricades if required by a facility.  Special insurance requirements (fire spread, wind uplift) will also be met upon request.  LaFerney Commercial Roofing has necessary resources to address any engineering needs which may arise. Safety considerations are included in the planning process for each project.