Meet the Defender

LaFerney Commercial Roofing has been installing roofs on flat and low-slope facilities in the Southeast since 1976. Drawing on that experience and our research, we have compiled the Defender Series. Four distinct levels meet all your warranty needs. Each level is custom designed by our engineering department for the unique needs of your facility. Exceptional performance, durability, and strong warranties make up each Defender level. Expert installation and excellent customer service are always included. 

The Defender Series provides a quality solution for every* roof and every budget. 

Defender Level:

Platinum Level Defender Gold Level Defender Silver Level Defender Bronze level defender
  • Single-ply 50/60 Mil PVC Membrane offering exceptional performance
  • 20 year dual warranty
  • Single-ply 50 Mil PVC Membrane offering exceptional performance
  • 15 year dual warranty
  • Single-ply 40 or 50 Mil PVC Membrane offering excellent performance
  • 15 year dual warranty
  • Designed for select residential installations
  • 10 year warranty



*"every" is based on our specific experience and the expert opinion of our team.